David Murray, P.Geo.

Founder, President & Principal Consultant


David is an accomplished Economic Geologist with more than a decade of experience gathered across the Americas and Europe.

He specializes in project evaluations, 3D geomodelling, and mineral project management. He has overseen projects across the full spectrum of the exploration value chain from first exploration efforts to an established mine with a 30-year production history. David's commodity experience is diverse specializing in orogenic gold systems and including porphyry deposits, magmatic Ni + Cu + PGE, carbonate hosted Zn, Pb + Ag, HREE and LREE as well as LCT Li pegmatites.

Dr. Luke Bickerton, Ph.D., P.Geo.

Associate Geologist


Luke has over 10 years experience as an exploration geologist with an accomplished research background in regional mapping and the understanding of base- and precious-metal mineral deposits. 

Luke specializes in both deposit- and regional-scale structural analysis and hydrothermal geochemistry, having earned a Ph.D. in Mineral Deposits from the Harquail School of Earth Sciences at Laurentian University. Luke has experience in managing exploration for porphyry and epithermal projects serving as VP Exploration for Alpha Copper Corp. and CAVU Energy Metals Corp., and has consulted on projects focused on various other deposit types, including: iron-oxide-copper-gold, greisen, skarn, NYF and LCT pegmatites, VMS, and orogenic gold related deposits.